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March 6, 2008

Transfer Day (Or ~ “There’s No Such Thing as Bedrest”)

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Okay, I just noticed that my last post is dated March 6 for some reason…its really only March 5, and the transfer happened on March 4.  Just to give you proper context.

So, after my last post, you’re stressed enough.  I know I was. 

Tuesday morning I woke up at the hotel feeling pretty good.  I still had the sore throat, but thankfully the snot had been held at bay at least for now.  We took our time getting up and ready so we could enjoy the lovely breakfast the hotel put out (that I couldn’t enjoy the last time–no food after midnight).  I had a few lingering fears:  first, I could just envision us getting there and them saying, “oh, we’re so sorry, none of your embryos made it…you’ll have to turn around and go back home now.”  Second, I feared that if we did have any “good ones” left, that my sneezing and hacking might just make them angry inside my uterus and decide they wanted nothing to do with me.

We got to the clinic our required 1 hour and 15 minutes early, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I lost track of time, and barely remembered to take my Valium in time enough for it to work.  Our transfer was scheduled for 11 a.m., and we were still in the waiting area at, um, 11 a.m. My irrational, worrying mind chalked it up to the fact that they were saving us for last so they could tell us about not having any embryos left.

Finally, Nurse Sunshine came and got us.  Said they’d been swamped all morning with transfers and we were, indeed, the last ones.  The doc came in to answer any questions we had, and thus verified, we DID have embryoS (yay!) to transfer.  We headed into the room where they did the procedure, which was just adjacent to the lab where all the little embies were housed.  Funny enough, that was the first time DH had ever been in the room where my “girl parts” were being examined or otherwise manipulated by a professional.  He found all the equipment fascinating, asked lots of goofy questions, but then realized that the way the table was positioned within the room, my hoo-ha was pointing directly towards the open lab door, where the lab techs were all busily working.  He looked towards my hoo-ha, and back to the lab and in an attempt to protect my delicate virtue, asked the nurse, “Can we close that door?  Seems like they could see her like that.”  Very sweet, but he was quickly told, “no, its important that the door stay open so that when we’re ready, they can bring the embryos in quickly and without anything in the way.”  Okay, my virtue continues to be questionable as a result, but at least he tried. 

The lab person came in a handed us the most beautiful snapshot of our two glorious embryos that we’d be transferring today.  One was determined “great” by the dr., and the other “really good, but still catching up a bit.”  Pretty amazing to look at.  The lab person told us that we had two more that they were going to keep an eye on.  They’d let us know the next day if they were going to be freeze-worthy.  One stress down…

Next came the transfer itself.  Which I might add, after reading others’ accounts of theirs, it hurt a little.  Like to the point of squeezing DH’s hand.  But it wasn’t enough to kill me, and we did think it was cool to see the embryos squirted into the uterus on the sonogram screen.  The nurses were both lovely through it, and the doctor talked all through it and made jokes.

(A total aside:  I’ watching Regis and Kelly and they’re telling the news story of a couple who did IVF with only one embryo transferred, and that darn embryo split and split again…they are the proud parents of triplets!!)

Okay, back to our program…

We were able to talk to the dr. some more.  He put some of my fears of the upcoming two weeks to rest.  He told us that the lifting restrictions only need to be in effect for the next 48 hours when it comes to our little one.  He said the implantation, should it occur would happen within 48 hours and we should be fine after that.  I still want to take it easy, but had such worries about how to do everything that needs to be done with a two year old, expecially since DH will be gone the latter half of next week.  He told us the embryos were perfect, the way they went in was perfect…everything looked as it should for success.  He said we have a 50% chance or more for this to work.  We left feeling hopeful and tired.

And on the ride home?  More rain and ice.  Me having to stop every 45 minutes to pee out all that water I had to drink.  Talking about our hopes for what happens next.  DH feeling better healthwise, but me starting to feel worse.  But both of us hopeful.

And then we got home, DH picked up the baby at daycare.  Any semblance of peace and quiet that might have existed in my house up to that time was dashed.  The Woob. Was. Pissed.  We had gone and left him overnight again.  He made it clear to us that he was angry and we must pay.  We must pay All. Night. Long.  We had the most miserable night, all of us exhausted, us feeling like failures as parents…we were trying for more children and we can’t even effectively deal with the one we have.  There was fussing and crying…by us and by the baby.  Those little embryos probably are wondering what the hell they’ve gotten themselves into.  It hadn’t been six hours, and already the “no lifting” policy was out the window.  Just twice.  But necessary.

The day ended with us all going to bed early and exhausted.

This morning things were better.  DH feels better, I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would with my cold, I didn’t have to lift the baby at all, and I am home alone in bed as I should be, watching tv and catching up on blogging, both reading and writing.

Any bets on how long that will last??


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  1. I am glad all went well. Try to rest and relax. Nothing more you can do now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Comment by Marci — March 6, 2008 @ 10:57 am |Reply

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